For stays of few weeks ( minimum stay is 4 weeks ) to 2 months or months to a year, we offer flexible and cost effective alternative to restrictive hotel rooms, with savings up to 70% on an equivalent standard hotel.
Not only this but also our guests enjoys a lifestyle far more conducive to a good work life balance. It is a home away from home, you have your very own apartment or in a Flatshare apartment sharing with others, never feel bored.

What We Offer:

At , we offer cleverly configured spaces and a flexible services menu so you can customize your stay experience.
When you’ve come a long way from home, you can start living it up the moment you check in so you waste no time checking out the city that’s right on your doorstep. Our apartment / room / studio include the following:
Bedding, pillows, blankets, pillow cases, mattress, wadrobe, sofa, TV, desk, chair, kitchen utensils, iron, ironing board, microwave, washing machine (except for studio), etc.

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